Winner of the 2020 Summer Image Competition

The Colour Explosion

Anh Le, CRUK Beatson Institute

This image shows the dynamics of the endocytic network, here labelled by the early endosomal marker RAB5A. Each shade of yellow represents a position in time for each vesicle.


Special Mention

Karthik Krishnamurthy

Thomas Jefferson University

‘Flowering of Neuronal Activity’. Cortical neurons cultured from rat embryos(E17) for 7 days in vitro and labeled with the calcium indicator Fluo-4. Neurons were then stimulated with glutamate and Fluo-4 fluorescence intensity was imaged for 30 minutes at 5 second intervals using a 20X air objective of a nikon Confocal microscope (A1R). Image represents volume view of fluo-4 fluorescence intensity indicative of calcium influx over the 30 minute period blended using depth color coded alpha algorithm as a function of time.

Special Mention

Gabriel Cote

Macro stack at 40x common green blue fly (97 pictures), taken with OMAX MD827S30 microscope and Pixel phone camera.

Kevin Mackenzie

University of Aberdeen

Vitamin C crystals. Taken on a Zeiss polarized light microscope.

Farah Abdulkhaleq

University of Aberdeen

These are 3 stimulated lymphocytes. The one with yellow surface is a CD4+ T cell. Green (goat anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) AF488) and red (streptavidin AF555) channels are CTLA-4 and sCTLA-4, respectively, while the blue channel (DAPI) represents the nucleus. Image was taken using confocal laser scanning microscopy (LSM 880).
The funny thing is that the cells together form the shape of a bee!

Dale Watt

CRUK Beatson Institute

A cancerous duct in a mouse model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcioma surrounded by cancer associated fibroblasts. Imaged on the Nikon A1R at 40x. Stained for aSMA-AlexaFluor 647 and pSMAD3 -AlexaFluor488 and DAPI.

Kevin Mackenzie​

University of Aberdeen​

Zebra fish embryo taken using a darkfield microscope.

Azita Kouchmeshky

University of Aberdeen

NSC-34, a mouse motor neuron-like hybrid cell line, transiently transfected with the (GFP)-SOD1G93A going through autophagy process near a non transfected cell in autophagy phase labelled by LC3B marker. Image acquired using a Nikon field fluorescence microscope)

Simon Brown

University of Edinburgh

PFA-fixed cross section of adult mouse testes stained with lymphoid specific helicase (LSH), promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (PLZF), Synaptonemal Complex Protein 3 (SYCP3) and DAPI conjugated to Alexa Fluor secondary antibodies (Fluorophores 488 LSH, 594 PLZF, 647 SYCP3).

Leandro Lemgruber

University of Glasgow

Scanning electron micrograph of gametes of the Malaria parasite. Microgametes (in yellow) are trying to fertilise a macrogamete (in pink).

Madara Brice

University of Edinburgh

Cross-section of the liver of a c-Kit Cre reporter mouse, although the reporter is actually labelling all endothelial cells (as apposed to sub section with c-kit positivity). Yellow stain – cytoplasm of all endothelial cells, blue – DAPI. Picture taken on an AxioScan Slide Scanner.

Iván Coto Hernández

Harvard Medical School

Widefield imaging of myelinated and unmyelinated fibers of peripheral nerve in Sox10-Venus mice labelled with FluoroMyelin Red. The image quality was improved using deconvolution Huygens deconvolution software.