Our mission

The Scottish Microscopy Society, formerly the Scottish Microscopy Group, was created by a small group of electron microscopists over 50 years ago and has grown to now incorporate the whole spectrum of microscopy with committee members from institutions across disciplines and across Scotland. Through a survey of the microscopy community in early 2019 we heard how we could provide more to microscopy researchers in Scotland, hence our newly formed mission.

Promote microscopy research & facilities in Scotland

Inform on new technologies and funding prospects

Connect microscopy developers & researchers

Inspire collaboration across disciplines and institutions

We aim to achieve this mission by continuing our very successful annual symposia, but also by facilitating new events throughout the year with the aim of further networking, nurturing collaboration between academics and across the industry sector.

Becoming the information point to hear about what facilities exist in Scotland and how you can access them, connecting you with the exceptional microscopy facilities we have in Scotland to really drive your research. Keeping you up to date with the latest microscopy technologies, funding calls and job opportunities through our mailing list, social media (Twitter and Instagram), newsletter and our events.

Finally we will start new ventures into public outreach to promote and teach about the high impact research underway in Scotland outside of the academic sphere.


The Scottish Microscopy Society is a charitable Society with all committee members volunteering to provide everything listed above, we have great representation from across Scotland and career levels. You can contact our members directly, or for general enquiries please contact us via the contact form where you can also join our mailing list. 

Our partners