Scottish microscopy society

The Scottish Microscopy Society, formerly the Scottish Microscopy Group, was established in 1968 by a group of electron microscopists, but has grown to incorporate the whole spectrum of microscopy with committee members from institutions across disciplines and across Scotland. We aim to bring microscopists from all disciplines together to share techniques, ideas and new technologies.

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Coming soon! Resources to help with your own microscopic imaging and analysis.




Cool, multidisciplinary jobs in computational and cell biology!

Please join my group, & discover why cells go where they go. T cells, dendritic cells, Dictyostelium, neutrophils...
Target = one mathematical modeller and one immune cell biologist, but we'd train anyone excellent
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We're hiring my replacement! Happy to chat to anyone interested in running a great new #EM core facility in @SCICambridge. Details here: Deadline 2nd August. @BioImagingUK @VolumeEM1 #electronmicroscopy scotmicro photo

Relocating for a short project is no fun - but pandemic remote-working mode makes things much more flexible. If you're the right person for this role, a UK-based person might not need to relocate. Makes this a good fit for somebody between roles who's looking to broaden their CV.

Congratulations to @gailmcconnell from @UniStrathclyde #Mesolab was recently awarded SMS-SULSA #facilities funding to develop #Imaris for 3D reconstruction and analysis of mesoscopy and microscopy. Find out more here:

Over the next few weeks we'll be taking a closer look at the open-access facilities available via our fantastic #OpenAccess #FacilitiesDatabase

Congratulations to the very deserving recipients of the first round of Scottish Microscopy Facilities Database funding from SULSA!

All winners are listed here

but we'll be tweeting more about each winner over the next few weeks - so watch this space!