Outreach Activities

RMS Microscopy Activity Kits

The Scottish Microscopy Society has paired with the Royal Microscopy Society to distribute their Microscopy Activity Kits all over Scotland! Follow this link to find out more about the kits and see them in action! You will also find more information through the RMS website. If you’d like to book A Microscopy Activity Kit an event in Scotland, please drop us an email or use the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

The Wee Box of Wonders!

We are excited to announce our latest project, The Wee Box of Wonders! In partnership with The Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (EBSOC) and The Roslin Institute, our gift of £1000 will fund two loan boxes containing microscopes, samples and activities, to be sent out to schools in Midlothian. Midlothian was chosen as the home of last year’s very successful Scottish Microscopy Society Symposium, so we thought it a wonderful opportunity to inspire the next generation of Scottish microscopists! Boxes will be available this autumn, with teacher training sessions planned. We look forward to bringing a box to every primary school in the county by Summer 2023! Stay tuned for updates.