How to Write: A Bitesize Bio Guide for Scientists

Limited Places!


Time 10am GMT

Are you interested in science communication or writing but don’t know where to start? Join SMS & Bitesize Bio for a focussed workshop on science writing where you will discover…..

  • how to generate ideas for appealing articles;
  • the editorial process involved in shaping science communication articles;
  • tips and tricks for the entire article creation process;
  • how to structure your article;
  • opportunities for writing with Bitesize Bio (where you can earn money for your articles) and how that can help you pursue a career in science communication.
    And more!

We are running this in conjunction with a call for microscopy-related articles, so if you’re interested in giving science writing a chance, we can offer you:

  • £80 for articles accepted for publication on BitesizeBio;
  • Feedback on all articles, whether accepted or not;
  • Help on topic generation;
  • Guidene and advice to help improve your writing.

You do not need to be an experienced writer, BitesizeBio will help with that. Join the seminar to learn more.

This workshop is being run for the SMS community, but has limited places, so registers now to claim your spot. As this is an interactive workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the presenters questions live on the day.


Dr Laura Grassie, Associate Editor, Bitesize Bio

Dr Jen Swift, Editor, Bitesize Bio