Microscopy and Histology Core Facility

The Microscopy and Histology facility has many years’ experience in Histology (wax, cryostat and resin) and Light, Fluorescence, Confocal along with MicroCT and also Electron Microscopy. Light microscopes include upright and inverted confocal, spinning disk confocal, widefield, phase holographic and slide scanner system with timelapse, multiposition, Class II live pathogen capabilities. Electron microscopes include SEM and TEM with tomographic capabilities, plus high pressure freezer and freeze substitution and microwave processor. Explore some of the systems and resources they offer users below, and be sure to check out their website for full details and the most up-to-date information.

MicroscopeUpright or invertedTimelapseMultipositionHO LicensedClass II PathogenOther features  
Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan FastInverted

Zeiss LSM 710 ConfocalInverted
Zeiss LSM700 ConfocalUpright
Zeiss Imager M2 EpifluorescenceUpright
Zeiss Observer Z1 EpifluorescenceInverted
Zeiss Observer Z1 EpifluorescenceInverted

Perkin Elmer Ultraview Spinning Disk ConfocalInverted

Zeiss Axioscan Z1 Slide ScannerBrightfield, 4 colour fluorescence
Zeiss Axioscope 5UprightZeiss Axiocam 712 Colour Camera
SkyScan 1072 Micro CT
Nikon XT 225ST Micro CT
JEOL 1400 plus TEMTomography
Zeiss MA10 SEM
Evos M5000 EpifluorescenceInverted
Autofocus, Colour, Phase Contrast
HoloMonitor M4 Phase Holographic ImagingInverted

No cell staining required
EVOS XL BrightfieldInvertedPhase contrast
  • Amira
  • Imaris
  • Volocity
  • Zen
  • VG Studio
  • Fiji
  • Assisted imaging sessions
  • Access to tissue-culture facilities
  • Access to incubators
  • Access to dissecting microscope with camera
  • Sample preparation for light and electron microscopy
  • Managed online data storage
  • Leica Empact2 high pressure freezer
  • PELCO BioWave pro+ microwave processor for processing and staining LM and EM samples