Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL)

The AMRL consists of two testing laboratories: materials characterisation/analysis and mechanical testing. The centre can conduct research and testing from all sectors of engineering and can offer nano-scale characterisation through to full-scale component testing.  Microscopes include SEMs with EDS and WDS analysis and EBSD capabilities, and light microscopes with Dark-field, polarized light and DIC. Explore some of the systems and resources they offer users below, and be sure to check out their website for full details and the most up-to-date information.

MicroscopeTimelapseMultipositionClass II PathogenOther features 
Hitachi, S3700N SEMVariable pressure, SE and BSE detectors, EDS analysis
Hitachi, SU6600 SEMSTEM, Variable pressure, SE and BSE detectors, EDS and WDS analysis, EBSD
Olympus GX51Inverted, Dark-field, polarized light, DIC
  • Sample preparation
  • Assisted imaging sessions
  • Access to vacuum desiccators
  • Remote imaging by facility staff