COIL provides modern and well maintained equipment for users, particularly in the area of cell biology. Microscopes include inverted and upright confocal, spinning disk confocal and widefield systems with high speed imaging, multiposition, live cell imaging and cleared sample imaging capabilities.  Explore some of the systems and resources they offer users below, and be sure to check out their website for full details and the most up-to-date information.

MicroscopeUpright or invertedTimelapseMultipositionHO LicensedClass II PathogenOther features
Lumicks C-Trap EdgeInvertedDual trap optical tweezers with TIRF/IRM imaging and microfluidics
Zeiss LSM 980 (Airyscan 2)Inverted
Zeiss LSM 880 Fast AiryscanInvertedHigh speed imaging & cleared sample capabilities
Nikon Ti2 CSU-W1 Spinning DiskInverted
Nikon Ti2 WidefieldInverted
Zeiss TIRF III WidefieldInvertedTIRF Imaging
GE Deltavision Elite WidefieldInverted
Yokogawa CSU Spinning Disk ConfocalInverted
Leica SP5 ConfocalInvertedFCS
Zeiss Axio Observer WidefieldInverted
Zeiss Axio Imager WidefieldUpright
  • Imaris
  • Assisted imaging sessions
  • Access to incubators
  • Access to dissecting microscope