GCU Bioimaging Facility

GCU Bioimaging offers confocal and live cell imaging platforms, with LSM800 airyscan and Crest X-light spinning disk-TIRF confocal systems. Dedicated calcium imaging and microinjection rigs are available, as are phase contrast and histological analysis using an Axiovertand EVOS system. Explore some of the systems and resources they offer users below, and be sure to check out their website for full details and the most up-to-date information.

MicroscopeUpright or invertedTimelapseMultipositionHO LicensedClass II PathogenOther features  
Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 linked to LSM800 AiryscanInvertedEpifluorescence, confocal, phase contrast
Nikon Eclipse TE2000U EpifluorescenceInvertedPhase contrast, Photometrics coosnap HQ Camera and Cairn Research OptoLED for rapid calcium imaging
EVOS AMG EpifluorescenceInverted
Olympus Spinning Disk ConfocalInvertedTIRF, high speed imaging capabilities, metamorph
  • Metamorph for Crest X-Light spinning disc confocal and calcium (Nikon) work station
  • ZEN software (Zeiss for LSM800)
  • Access to tissue-culture facilities
  • Access to incubators
  • Access to dissecting microscope
  • Sample preparation