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September 2019


We are compiling a list of useful tools across different areas of microscopy: sample preparation, image acquisition, data analysis and image preparation. Please contact us using the contact form below or via if you know of any other online resources that other microscopists would find useful.

Image Analysis

Analysing Fluorescence Microscopy Images with ImageJ

This handbook aims to give you enough background to make it possible to progress quickly in bioimage analysis


IAFIG-RMS Python for Bioimage Analysis Course

This repository contains a Python Bioimage Analysis course which established the fundamentals of iamge analyusis in the context of biological imaging.


BioImage Analysis Series 2020

These lectures, run by Robert Hasse, will introduce you to many elements of bioimage analysis, from fiji useage and macro programming to use of ICY.


BioImage Analysis with Icy

This online webinar will walk you through the basics of doing image analysis with Icy


Introduction to Bioimage Analysis

This lecture series covers bioimage analysis, from the basics up!



Learn how to use Matlab for free


Microscope Techniques

Lightsheet Microscopy Setups

Bruker provide webinars on different aspects of Lightsheet Microscopy:


Aurox: Microscopy and image analysis

Aurox have made a lot of their conference talks available, talking about a wide range of topics from different types of microscopy techniques to methods of image analysis.


Data Analysis

An Introduction to R

This training course will introduce you to using R, an interactive environment for statistical computing.:

Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

This free resource is a selection of Coding Club tutorials, quizzes and practical challenges to increase your data manipulation, analysis and visualization skills